UltraLux® Glass Beads

UltraLux® GLASS BEADS are high performance beads ranging in size from 600 mµm to 2000 mµm in diameter

  • Weissker's method of Ultralux glass beads production out of virgin glass provides for the highest product quality.
  • The special coating process complies with the highest requirements of the road marking industry.
  • The great quality of the virgin glass beads provides an increased level of retro-reflectivity and road safety.

UltraLux® GLASS BEADS offer much higher levels of reflectivity when compared to the Lux beads due to their larger size, higher rounds and special glass composition, particularly important for wet night conditions.

UltraLux® GLASS BEADS possess the superior adhesive properties to the various binding materials, and are widely used in different marking systems (water- and solvent based paints, two component systems, alkyd- and resin-based thermoplastics)

UltraLux® GLASS BEADS are one of the most cost effective and long lasting ways to increase highway safety.

 Conformity to

EN 1423, EN 1424, ISO 9001:2000,



Range of glass beads diameter

Samples of basic gradations

 600 -2000 (microns)
800 -1200 (microns)
850 -1180 (microns)
800 -1300 (microns)
600 -1300 (microns)
600 - 850 (microns)
1000-1180 (microns)

 Chemical composition, %

 Silicon oxide - 64,5
Calcium oxide - 16,7
Sodium oxide - 16,7
Aluminum oxide - 2,1
Dangerous substances (lead, arsenic, antimony) - none

 Refractive index


 Maximum weighted % of defective glass beads


 Maximum weighted % of grain and foreign particles


 Resistance to water, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, sodium sulfide


 Surface treatment of glass beads

 Uncoated (G);
Embedment coated (Silan, Adhesion) (H).

 Mix of glass beads and additives

 Antiskid additives (D);
Antiskid aggregates (A)


 Paper bags 25kg
Big-bags 1000 kg