Weissker GmbH, Germany

Weissker GmbH has operated in Europe since 2004 as an established distributor of road marking glass beads.

The high quality of the products marketed by Weissker GmbH is based on 40 years experience of glass production and processing. All products are fully compliant with specified European and National Standards for every application field.

With the benefit of European warehouse facilities Weissker GmbH provides sufficient replenishment and permanent availability of your products all over Europe.

Weissker GmbH is a member of various European Road Societies such as DSGS in Germany and SISTRA in Switzerland

Company contact information:

Gewerbegebiet Greiz-Gommla
Geraer Straße 9
07973 Greiz, Germany
Tel.: +49-3661-455971
Fax.: +49-3661-456030
E-mail: mariano.schaub@weissker.com