OOO Weissker, Moscow

Since its start of the activity in 2001 OOO Weissker has successfully grown the market for road safety materials in Russia and the CIS. The current market share of OOO Weissker in Russia is approximately 70%.

OOO Weissker provides its customers with the entire spectrum of glass beads products together with appropriate technical support and consulting.

OOO Weissker is an exclusive distributor of Lux and UltraLux glass beads.

LUX glass beads grade 100-600 µm are mostly used in paint based road appliances.

LUX glass beads grade 400-850 µm and ULTRALUX 600-850 µm are chiefly used for thermoplastic road marking.

OOO Weissker is considered by its customers as a reliable and competent partner in the Russian road marking industry, as evidenced by our dominant position in the region.

Company contact information:

Ul. Raevskogo, 4
Moscow, 121151, Russia
Tel: +7 495 223 0840
Fax: +7 495 223 0841